How Will You Measure Your Success?

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The heart dictates decisions that are influenced by love, by conscience and by morality. Actions are then weighed through those. When the heart is used to decide, selfish desires are then omitted and being just and righteous is expected.

The brain dictates decisions that are based on calculations and analysis. Actions are then based on what could be the best. However, these actions could be against or pro love, conscience or morality. Thus, the brain’s decision could be against the heart’s.

Success literally means the accomplishment of something aimed or desired – be it academic success; attainment of wealth, prosperity, fame or power; or as simple as having a simple and happy life. But, in connection to how people used their heart and brain, how is success measured?

Say for an example. An intelligent politician becomes the president. With power he begins to grab the opportunity of pocketing the money of the people. He, too, did a lot of accomplishment with the country. Is he successful? Yes, indeed. He used his knowledge to give him wealth and power. He aimed and desired – he got. But, no, he isn’t successful according to his heart.

A strict rabbi lives by the label. He then shouts terribly, insults insensitively, forces student to learn what is understandably hard for their capacity, and throws bad labels to the students. He often hurt his students. “But, he too produced quality students and he did those only, by the way, not for himself but for the students too.” – does this justify the act? What’s the use of his learnings in psychology, his age and his experience if he cannot use them to give kind and firm words of learning to his students? He maybe successful for he aimed and got academic excellence but, according to his heart did he? Maybe, in his understanding, but how about to those he hurt?

Here comes a poor single parent working in the streets under the heat of the sun and under the rain. She does this to support her only child who does very well at school. She is indeed unsuccessful for she did not reach her goal having a better life. But according to her heart she is on top of success – her child loves her and in spite of scarcity and poverty, they are both happy. Her only happiness is to see her child smile. She always receives those and this makes her successful.

Let’s say that a student graduated with lots of flying colors. He concentrated in his studies which made him unable to interact with his social environment. Is he successful that in the end all he got are ribbons and gold medals with no friends at all? But, here is a student who does not have any honor and is an average student only. His classmates liked and appreciated him because he knows how to be “in” with them and he knows how to make friends. He measured his success not by the ribbons nor by the medals that he was not able to have, but by the treasures of life that he got – his friends.

What is then the use of success when we needed to step on others, degrade them, hurt them or steal from them? It does not make any sense at all. Success does not always mean having what you want – academic excellence, money, wealth, fame, honor or other material things but as simple as things that can make everybody share happiness –in which smiles could be given and could be received. What else in the world can replace that?

We often hear the words “kudos” or “congratulations” “job well done” very good” “you are promoted” and still more which only show achievement and success. But, do those really reflect our success? As one saying would suggest, “to travel is better than to arrive” how did we travel toward the success we aimed for?

How do you measure your success?


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