League of Legends

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 League of Legends

Review by: Aj_Me


The Game

League of Legends or “LOL” as popularly known by its gamers, is a multiplayer online battle arena role-playing game (RPG). It was developed  and published by Riot Games inspired by the popular, Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) for Warcraft III. The game was firstly a closed beta until it was finally transitioned to an open one, October 27, 2009.

The game consists of 2 equal teams of Champions, 3v3 or 5v5. As of August 2012, summoners (players) can choose from 103 different Champions. However, they must have sufficient influence points to buy the Champions or they can also rely with the free-to-use ones. Another way is to buy the champions using Riot points which were converted cash cards.

The mechanics of the game, just like any others, is simply to first, defend the “Nexus” or the spawning pool or simply the base and second, to destroy the enemys’ Nexus. Team work is then a vital element in winning the game.

Gamers do not have to worry finding their teammates since the game itself offers a matchmaking mode. But of course, to have a team which you already know in which you can work with, is way better.

The Good

League of Legends, like any other games, of course offers fun, satisfaction, and relaxation. However it does not stop there. First, the game also invokes the spirit of teamwork in each of the player. Each player must understand the importance of playing as one team rather than playing as individuals. Teams which play as one has bigger chance to win rather than those teams with members fighting each other.

Secondly, the game kindles humility and cooperation. Randomly match-made games of course put players who does not know each other in one team. Picking of champions is one of the vitals in playing the game – not only vital but also strategical. Some gamers tend to force and badmouth other players to choose champions that they do not even know, and during the game, blame these players because of loosing. Because of this negative experience, players tend to solve the matters peacefully and with cooperation rather than in a forceful way.

Thirdly, the game also is a tool for socialization. Since it is a multiplayer online game, it enables one to socialize with different kinds of people with different personalities. Thus, the game also is a tool in making friendships.

Lastly, the game is a virtually a place where one can set aside his worries and problems for a while. (For lack of word to use, forgive me for stating it that way. Not enough vocabulary, I guess.) Players actually play the game because it’s fun. It creates a different world in which they (or should I say, we) believe that is solely for their own – a world without worries and problems. (That sounds somehow negative.) Or simply a virtual place in which they can be themselves.

The Bad

Equilibrium – if there is good, then there must be bad. League of Legends also isn’t all good.

League of Legends, like other games, becomes first of all, an addiction. Yes, it gives fun however, an addictive one. Players do not just intend to play it ones and leave it as if nothing have ever happened. Winning the game for the first time creates an impact of confidence boost. Moreover losing the game for the first time creates an impact of “winning-the-game-soon-enough”. Either way, they invokes addiction to players add that to the certain, specific fun, players get in playing the game.

Second, the game though equipped by language filters, is still flooded by trash talkers (players lingo for players saying bad words like “wtf” “fu” and the sort.) This instance can actually promote violence. Since the game can be played by anyone with no age limit, children who could not understand the words and their meanings may actually use such bad words and be used to it. There’s actually no way the game designers can stop these, since words may actually be varied, long as players can still get what it means. New lingo and new will be formed.

Third, the game promotes laziness. Addicted players only think of finding a way to play the game – sacrificing of course their studies, works and anything or at least something they have to do. Parents actually suffer the most with this problems.

Lastly, the game is an online game – that means it requires internet of course. Internet is another word for expense – MONEY. Now this one is another problem for parents. Obviously, players who do not have computers at home or internet, needs money to play the game in internet shops or cafe – and that means income, not for the player but of course for the internet shop owners. Well, business is business.


Whether LOL is something good or something bad, it’s basically up to the player. The player must be responsible for himself as to maximize the benefit given by the game and of course minimize its bad effect. A matter of analyzing “the cost and benefit”. (But such thing is too complex :)) In the end, it’s a matter of control and responsibility.


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