10 Negative or Abusive Uses of Digital Tracking

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
  1. Tracking devices such as GPS, may be used by people to spy anyone. Every individual has a right  to privacy. Spying through the use of tracking devices will be a violation against such right.

2.       Through the use of tracking devices, burglary may often happen. Since tracking devices have the capability to locate the location of anyone, burglars may use such tracking devices to know if the owner of a house is away or not.

3.       Data theft may also be a problem through the exploitation of tracking devices. Spywares, malwares may be of use to thieves. Anyone therefore may be vulnerable to scam messages which could be very dangerous at certain instances.

4.       Tracking devices may be used by kidnappers to track their prey especially when alone. Tracking devices would make it easy for kidnappes to accomplish their crime.

5.       Tracking devices may also be used by hired killers, assassins or even terrorists to track their victims. With the use of vehicle tracking devices, these criminals may locate their victims ongoing location and this will aid them to strategize an ambush.

6.       Tracking devices may also be used carnappers to steal cars.

7.       Tracking devices discloses the location of anyone being tracked. Media personnels who wanted to cover an important private event attended by controversial persons, would only attach tracking device to the car, the pants, or anything always carried by the person being tracked, and with the help of tracking softwares, the location is revealed.

8.       Tracking devices may also be used by stalkers who at worst situations may commit the crime of raping. Being able to locate the victim’s location, the stalker may do what he is planning.

9.       Tracking devices may also be used to locate the hiding place of things of importance such as documents, evidences, vaults and etc. which may be stolen for the personal interests of whoever they are.

10.   Tracking devices especially those in used with the internet, may be used by thieves to steal online information about somebody, such as bank accounts and pins, address, location, names and etc. which is entered by the user in different networking sites.






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