10 Useful Applications of Digital Tracking

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1.   Radio Navigation

–          A tracking system that uses radio frequency to locate a specific location in Earth. Depending on the desired level of capability, there are different radio navigation systems which have features of Automatic Direction Finder (ADF), Very High Frequency Omni-directional Range (VOR), Distance Measuring Equipment (DME), Instrument Landing System (ILS) and etc. Commonly used in air navigation.

2.    Global Positioning System (GPS )

–         It is a satellite-based navigation system designed for the use of the US Department of Defense. It is a network of 24 satellites in orbit. Before the use of GPS is exclusively for the US military but was opened for civil use at 1980’s. Each of the said 24 satellites orbit the Earth twice a day, transmitting signal information taken from outer space to GPS receivers. With the use of the process called triangulation, the GPS is able to locate the exact position of the user.

3.    Vehicle Tracking System

–          A system that combines the use of an electronic device in a vehicle with purposely designed computer programs to enable the owner or a third-party to track the vehicle’s location. GPS or GLONASS technology are commonly used for locating the vehicle. The collected information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.

4.       Mobile Phone services

–          Mobile phones have the feature to be tracked through GSM or GPRS technology allowing the immediate transmission of location data. Lost phones and stolen ones may now be located.

5.    Real-time locating systems (RTLS)

–      RTLS’s are local positioning systems that enable to track and identify the location of objects in real-time. These systems use simple badges or tags which are attached to the objects, which then sends wireless signals to readers determining the present location of the objects.

(Other uses of tracking technology)

6.    Navigation systems provide land, water and air navigation features that insure a safer travel.

7.    GPS allows tracking of elderly members of your family, so that they don’t wander off alone.

8.    GPS may be used to get emergency road side assistance at a touch of a button from your vehicle, so you can get help exactly where and when you need it.

9.    GPS, GSM and GPRS enabled phones make it easier for emergency assistance personnel to locate callers who need assistance.

10. GPS tracker allows individuals who lost their way in hiking or any navigation to find their way back to group.

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